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Article writers are often faced with challenges as they learn about the entire business of writing for money. There are so many things to adjust in the field of article writing to the point that it can be a little daunting for the writer.

Discussed below are 10 skills an article writer must possess to make his job a little easier.

Skill #1: Learning the basics first

If a writer prefers online article writing, he must be familiar with search engine optimization or SEO. This is the systematic process of maximizing the number of visitors accessing a website. In online articles, SEO is done by highlighting keywords and using backlinks.

Skill #2: Communicating with other writers

If a writer is not 100% sure of how things work in this field, he must communicate with other writers. The latter might give advice on how to come up with quality article writing. Writers should not hesitate to ask them about the rates they get from writing regularly.

Skill #3: Having a good word processing software and learning how to use it.

It must have a spell/grammar check and word count feature. The writer should also take note of the different fonts, styles and formats.

Skill #4: Reading articles every day

As much as possible, the writer should focus on the articles published from the site he’s interested to write for. Writers usually search for topics that they are passionate about. When gathering sources, they focus on the ones placed on top search engine ranks.

Skill #5: Writers don’t agonize themselves

Article WriterAll writers have to polish their work before publishing it. Once they’re done with the first draft of their article, they go over it and check any spelling/grammar mistakes and punctuation/sentence construction errors. In some cases, they leave their piece for a few hours then continue it with more substantial points.

Skill #6: Writers carry a notebook

If they’re not in front of the computer, writers jot down their ideas in a notebook. The good thing about having a notebook is that they’re given enough room to think about what they’re going to transcribe anywhere they go.

Skill #7: They write at times when they’re at their most imaginative

Some article writers practically do this in the morning. Others meanwhile do it at nighttime. Depending on their availability, they can work anytime of the day. But for them to come up with a well-written piece, they often work at times when they’re at their most imaginative.

Skill #8: Writers do exercises in between

Quality Article WritingIf they’re short of ideas, writers do some exercises. Some article writers find gardening or washing the dishes “more physically appealing” compared to sitting down all day typing words non-stop! The latter has a lot of health risks, so resting in between is very important for them. Here’s an example: When working on a 1000-word article, the writer must rest his hands or stand for 5 – 10 minutes after each 100 words.

Skill #9: Writers don’t think too much about the money

When they finally decided to begin writing, they don’t think too much about earning thousands or getting their articles published on the likes of Rolling Stone and The New York Times (Fact: Writers earn thousands of dollars from these two). In addition, writers don’t think about the idea of becoming successful, or failing too easily. They just concentrate on transcribing and analyzing content.

Skill #10: Writers enjoy their job

In addition to the above mentioned skill, this is one of the most important things they consider in article writing. Passionate writers are willing to spend hours writing, re-writing, editing, proofreading, reading, etc. They don’t think too much about the pressuring side of writing. They enjoy their job so much! Nothing beats the sense of gratification when they earn something from what they’re into.