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In any sport, wearing the right sports apparel is very important for it will definitely affect the overall sport experience. Equestrians need breeches, riding shirts, riding gloves, boots and whips, whereas football players need football compression pants, helmets, chinstraps and mouth guards. Sports players definitely need to wear the right clothes, headgear and footwear before the game begins.


Why is it important to get the right golf apparel?

GOLF APPARELWell, golfing gear affects three important factors – comfort, safety, and confidence. Proper golf apparel will enable golfers to stay comfortable and safe all throughout the game. Using high quality and durable material will also enhance the confidence of any player. Therefore with comfort, safety and confidence, golfers will surely have good golf performance! Having these reasons in mind, manufacturers strive in innovating golf apparel that will suit the golfer’s style, desire, personality, ability and performance.


Before swinging it out in the green, golfers, too, need to wear the right golf apparel but what is the right golf apparel? This includes golf headwear, golf clothes, golf gloves, footwear and even eyewear. It’s not just about style and elegance, but golfers need to invest on comfortable, high-quality and durable apparel. Fortunately, golf manufacturers offer excellent golf apparel and golfers can easily get them online. Well, it’s time to do some shopping on the latest and the best golf apparel in town!


Using the right headwear is vital for the golfer’s health and safety. As an outdoor game, golf requires the golfers to travel around the green under different weather conditions. Callaway offers golf caps with UV coating and moisture wicking sweatband which will give maximum comfort even under the raging sun. Taylor made Golf visors, on the other hand, are structured fit with moisture wicking fabric with 20 to 50 UPF and a dark under bill to reduce the sun’s glare.


Get a good grip with excellent golf gloves! To be able to achieve a good swing, golfers really need to wear the right gloves. Gloves made of cabarets leather are highly recommended by experts because cabarets leather is durable, offers high moisture resistance, gives exceptional grip and also maximizes comfort while playing. Taylor made Golf, Callaway Golf, Roxon and Plainsman are some of the golf manufacturers which use cabarets leather on gloves. Gloves with ergonomic seams also give an advantage in golf! Ergonomic seams are used to lessen friction and also keep the gloves from damage. Currently, only Taylor made Golf is using ergonomic seams with golf gloves.GOLF APPAREL

With golf clothes, it’s all about style, personality, comfort and of course quality! For cool windy days, a hood is good. Taylor made Golf offers a lightweight hood made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton jersey both for male and female golfers. For sunny times, Callaway offers a 100% polyester short-sleeve polo with moisture wicking features.


The weather can be very unpredictable at times.

Mornings can be sunny and before noon, rain might trickle down. Golfers should be prepared at all times from sunny to windy times and even rainy, cold times. Don’t fret! There are splendid golf clothes in the market that will help you battle those cold rainy days. Callaway vest is made up of micro weight stretch fleece to keep the golfer warm and dry. Titlist winter golf hats will let the player stay war, and look cool in winter season. Taylor made golf gloves for wet weather offer comfort during the cold and rainy days and surely give that superior grip even under bad weather. Don’t forget to wear ear bands, too. Golf ear bands leave the golfer’s ears dry and warm all winter!