A Fletcher Fellowship Awarded to Bob Moses, April 2005

Bob Moses was among the first 12 Fletcher Fellows announced by the Fletcher Foundation (www.fletcher.com) in April 2005. The Fletcher Foundation was created by Alphonse Fletcher, Jr., chairman and CEO of Fletcher Asset Management in 1993 with a $50 million endowment in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Brown v. Board of Education, to support individuals and non-profit organizations working to improve racial equality

The Fletcher Fellows program is administered by Harvard’s WEB Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research. "We think of these as Guggenheims for race issues," says Henry Louis Gates Jr., director of the Du Bois institute and chairman of the independent Fletcher selection committee. Other fellows include: Anita Hill, law professor at Brandeis University Kathryn Cleaver, former Black Panther Party activist; Elizabeth Alexander, professor of African-American studies at Yale University; Devon Carbado, law professor at UCLA; Roland Fryer, a Harvard University fellow; Nina Jablonski, anthropologist with the California Academy of Sciences; Thomas Sugrue, professor of history and sociology at the University of Pennsylvania; Deborah Willis, art professor at New York University; Stanley Crouch, critic and writer; Arthur Miller, founder of the Dance Theater of Harlem; and painter Glenn Ligon

Moses has pledged the entire $50,000 award to the campaign for Quality Education as a Civil Right.